Dance Photo FAQ


I am having trouble logging in on the password page; what's going wrong?

Instead of clicking the "Login" button, try hitting your "Enter" key directly after you have typed your password in.


How do I find the photos for my child's class?

The photos are organized by routine name; you’ll be able to find a specific set of photos by using the drop-down menu in the upper area of the thumbnail gallery.


I only see some of the photos from my child's class; where are the rest?

Depending on the size of your monitor, and the number of dancers in your child's class, you may have to look through multiple pages/screens of thumbnails to find your photos. Look for page numbers at the top of the thumbnails, or click to enlarge an image and then scroll through the images with the arrows until you get to yours.


How do I get back to the thumbnail/gallery view?

Click the dropdown menu at the top right called "View" to switch between thumbnails and single image view.




How do I order a package of prints/package of digital images (USB)?

Look for "Dance Class Packages" on the sites main menu across the top of your screen. Depending on the size of your monitor, it may be under a tab called "More". Choose a package there and add it to your cart. It is easiest to add photos to the package AFTER you have added the package itself to your cart. The system will prompt you, after adding a package to your cart, to add images. If you are looking at the image you would like to add, and you have already put the package into your cart, it will say "Add Image to Cart Item" at the top of the image; click that and follow the prompts.


The digital packages have 10, 15 or 20 images; what if I want 12 or 17 images (for example)?

The digital packages have a minimum order of 10 images, but you can customize the number of images above 10. Add the package to your cart, then add the first 10 images you want. Then continue shopping, find the 11th image you would like, and click "Buy" - scroll down and choose "+1 Digital Image" to add extra images to your USB.


Can I order a single digital image file?

There is an option to buy individual digital image files outside of a package. Just click on the image you would like, then click the "Buy" button and scroll down past the print sizes until you see "Digital Image File - Print Res 5x7" and add this to your cart. These will be delivered to you on a USB stick.

If you have more than three images, it is actually cheaper for you to just get the first of the USB packages - the 10-image USB, since these are made at a steep volume pricing discount. In order to have the system let you check out, though, you will have to fill up the package by adding extra "copies" of one of your images, to fill up the 10 spots.


Can I order a digital package with fewer than 10 images?

The digital files are discounted for volume orders - we created these packages with students who are in numerous classes in mind.

With four images, you are still going to get the best price if you order the 10-image USB package. In order to have the system let you check out with less than ten images in the package, just add one of your images multiple times to fill the 10 'spots' on the USB.




The payment site is Paypal - do I have to create a Paypal account to complete my order?

No, you do not need a Paypal account. You can pay as a "guest" rather than logging in to Paypal; read just a bit further down the page for this option.


I clicked through to the payment site, but then I clicked the "back" button and now my cart is empty. Do I have to start all over again?

No, you shouldn't have to start over! If you clicked through to the payment site (Paypal) that means that your order info should have been sent. If you wait a few minutes and then check your email, you should see an order confirmation from my site, and your order payment status will be set as "Pending". At this point you can either send an e-transfer for the amount you owe - please send to - or you can wait for an email from us which will give you a payment link if you would like to pay with a credit card or Paypal account.